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 Interview w/ Anointed


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: Anointed

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Interview w/ Anointed by Christopher Heron

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Steve Crawford & Da'Dra GreathouseSteve Crawford and Da ‘Dra Greathouse are, by far, two of the most talented siblings to ever pair up as recording and performing artists.  Their incredible run as Contemporary Christian artists over the years and, most recently, as beloved Contemporary Gospel artists, as the group, Anointed, is a testament to their unwavering faithfulness and uncompromising excellence as artists and ministers of the Word. 

With twelve years under its belt and five excellent albums to their credit, Anointed has garnered remarkable attention and a cult following among White and Black Christians, Gospel and Secular music fans.  By nurturing a distinctive sound and style that has found an ear among a cross section of music fans, Anointed has carved out a niche that is growing by leaps and bounds with each album release. 

Their efforts have recently been awarded as the newest faces and voices to join the Sony Music family.  The new album by Anointed – Now Is The Time (Sony/Columbia) - is a fresh new perspective and upbeat delivery from Steve and Da ‘Dra singing sacred soul music with an Urban flare.  Bringing their newfound energy and enthusiasm to the project, the brother/sister music team are finally on the verge of making a noticeable mark after putting in their dues. 

BLACKGOSPEL.COM spoke briefly with these two beautiful people who are striving to live uprightly, while singing with the anointing.  Their journey to this point is a tale of unconventional roads and surprising twists that are part of God’s overall plan.  

Christopher Heron: Anointed has been recording for over twelve years, which demonstrates spiritual and professional maturity as artists.  The group has also made a nice transition from being tagged as Contemporary Christian to both CC and Contemporary Gospel artists.  Was that deliberate or just recognition that your music has greater universal appeal? 

Anointed – Steve Crawford: Actually to be completely honest, a lot of what happened with our music was because of the influences and the label we were with at the time.  We moved to Nashville and were involved with a number of songwriters.  It’s just like anything, whenever you meet somebody, you quickly pick up the habits of a friend.  If you hang out with a friend there’s an exchange that happens.  

Musically, when we would write with other writers, we weren’t only writing with them but with their influences as well.  Whenever there’s a producer that comes in to produce the project not only is the producer producing, but their influences seep through, as well.  So over the years, you heard a lot of influences coming from other people and things like that.  You would think that we sat down, strategized and said, “Oh, OK this is what we’re going to do and this is the type of impact we wanted to make in the industry.”  

But it was amazing because it was just really a part of God’s plan for our lives.  At the time, it was a label that was a Contemporary Christian music label and so their network was in that area, their promotion was in that area, their market was in that area.  It just so happened that God placed us there for that season for that time, in that way.

CH: You both have a wonderful working and spiritual relationship with CeCe Winans and, of course, the Mega church, which recorded the Grammy award winning album – The Born Again Church choir.  Are you both just as comfortable singing Gospel music with the choir as you are doing your tag team thing as Contemporary Gospel recording artists?

Anointed – Da ‘Dra Greathouse: Yes, absolutely.  You see we grew up singing in church choirs; we formed a group from a choir.  Some fans who discovered our music as we entered the Christian Contemporary music side of the industry, don’t really know where we come from.  

The record before The Call was Love Affair.  You could probably call it Urban Gospel before there was such a category.  A few people said it was really ahead of it’s time.  That’s where we come from, so we’re really comfortable with that style.  We’ve always been that way; we’ve never really changed.  It’s just that now, we’re getting an opportunity to express our style.

CH: I understand that you grew up in Columbus, Ohio and Steve, you had a vocal trainer by the name of Rev. Raymond Wise and started a group that was the talk of the town.  I guess you’ve always sung and ministered throughout your life.

When I think of this album, it’s still very reminiscent of Anointed over the years.  Or is it a twist from what we’ve grown accustomed to?

Anointed - Steve: I really believe that there is something very familiar with the sound we’re doing and, yet, still something different.  We are who we are except for the fact that we have matured over the years; we have grown in so many different ways, in our lives, as artists, musically.  I mean the music has changed, what we’re exposed to, what we’ve been influenced by has changed over the years but even so, there is a signature sound.  For years, we were like “What’s our sound?  I mean who was Da ‘Dra?  What’s Da ‘Dra’s sound?  What’s Steve’s sound?” And Da ‘Dra would tell me, “You have a sound!  And I’m like, “No, I don’t.” and that kind of thing.  But over the years, people have said, “Oh my goodness that’s Anointed.”  Whatever presentation it is, the Gospel fans can hear us.  

CH: And finally, how exciting is it to be a part of the Colombia/Sony music?

Anointed – Da ‘Dra: It’s very exciting!  When we found out that they wanted to sign us, we were so excited about that.  It also opened up an opportunity to connect with the Gospel and Urban music audience.  But we still have a relationship with Integrity (Gospel) so we keep one foot in the Christian Contemporary Music industry, as well.  It’s the best of both worlds for us and it’s where we need to be right now and we’re very grateful.

For more information on Anointed, visit the official website at www.anointedonline.com.   


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Posted: July.2005


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