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GospelKeys 101 Learning System

GospelKeys 101 will teach you everything you need to know to get started playing basic hymns and congregational songs by ear.  If you're a beginner and would like your very own gospel piano teacher on dvd, this course is definitely for you! This dvd course moves at a very comfortable pace and leaves no questions unanswered.

You will be shown, step-by-step, how to harmonize every single tone of the major scale --- AND since songs are based on melodies (and melodies are based on major scales), you'll be able to harmonize MOST songs immediately after learning these concepts. In 90 minutes, you'll learn a variety of chords, inversions, melodies, and will be playing over a half-dozen songs by the end!

Note: This course may not be suitable for "ultra" advanced players. This is a basic "101" course on harmonization and creation of simple hymns and congregational songs.

  GospelKeys 202 Learning System

GospelKeys 202 Special Edition will teach you everything you need to know to play all of your favorite slow worship songs by ear! It will show you, step-by-step, how to play tons of worship chords and progressions that you can start using in your songs right away! Not only will you learn all the chords, progressions, "licks" and "tricks" you need to contemporize any tune, but you'll also learn several worship classics like "Thank You Lord," "Hallelujah," "As the Deer," "Anointing" and more!

In 5 hours (...yes, five hours/4 discs), you'll master over 60 chords and inversions, "couples," and progressions. By disc 2, you'll be combing chords to create worship movements found in many gospel songs. By the end of the course, you'll be playing full-sounding songs that you can use in your worship service right away!

Note: You can start learning all the worship songs you've ever wanted to play with the power of "patterns" and "couples." Take advantage of this course today!

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GospelKeys 300 Learning System

GospelKeys 300 will teach you how to play just about any praise song you can think of! On your own, it would take months to learn every single praise song, one-by-one. Believe it or not, many people do it this way and get tired because learning new songs seems never-ending. Or...

You can spend minimal time learning the five parts that'll allow you to master hundreds of songs by ear. Yes ... GK300 will cover several songs in the video but these are meant to show you EXACTLY how to play all the other songs that follow these same patterns. Basically, once you know these five parts, they are repeated over and over in praise song after praise ("I get joy when I think about," "God is a good God," "Bless that Wonderful name of Jesus," and more).

Plus, there are a few bonus sections included in the course that will show you how to accompany a charismatic preacher, how to utilize your left hand while playing with a bass player, and how to play praise songs in all 12 keys.

  GospelKeys 500 Learning System

Gospel Keys 500 will show you how to discover the three main parts of shouting music and what it takes to master this style of up-tempo playing.  With this over-the-shoulder approach, you will be sure to learn tons of bass runs, right-hand movements, licks, and tricks.

Master shouting music by learning never-before-seen techniques. In this course, shouting music is broken into three key sections: "The Shouting Intro," "The Main Loop Period" and "The Cool-down." You'll explore each part, step-by-step. You won't find shouting music taught in these 3 steps ANYWHERE ELSE!

Added benefit:  You'll also learn about the power tritones in shouting music and how they allow your right hand to play super-fast movements, fill-ins, and runs while maintaining the left hand. Other topics covered are "stride piano," "modulation," "role reversal techniques," and "linear shouting styles!"

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